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Thank you for visiting my online gallery.
On this homepage I like to share the stages involved in the painting process of my latest artwork.
Visit again soon to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes progress of my next painting.

This is the initial drawing on canvas I did for a commissioned seascape for clients that they called "Roll with It". I like to draw with willow charcoal as  its soft, powdery consistency allows me to easily dust it off and make adjustments to the drawing.

After painting the background sea, there was an intricate pattern of lacy foam holes to paint into the foreground and curving up into the wave face. Seascapes are all about movement so it's important to get the direction of water flow right.

I worked on this large canvas in my studio, stepping back often to assess correct proportion and variation in colour. I'm fortunate to have my own stuidio with good natural light and lots of space for everything I need. 

"Roll with It" looks great in my clients' bedroom. The advantage of commissioned pieces is that clients get a painting with the precise subject, colour and size they need.
            "Roll with It" by Elena Parashko, 90 x 180 cm, commission.

                                        How commissions work ...



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