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Thank you for visiting my online gallery.
On this homepage I like to share the stages involved in the painting process of my latest artwork.
Visit again soon to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes progress of my next painting.

During my last artist residency in the Maldives, I was inspired by the abundance of exotic orchids. I decided to paint a set of three orchid varieties for my next exhibition in the Maldives. This is the reference photo I used for the first painting.

After drawing the orchid with charcoal on loose canvas, I painted a plain background with a beautifully rich pthalo blue and pthalo green. I wanted to keep the background simple and dark to really highlight the complex detail of the orchid.

This is the detail of how I painted the complicated petal structure in the centre of the orchid. The strong colours and patterns are a nice contrast to the simple background.

I think the completed painting captures the beauty of this special flower. I'm now working on two more paintings in this series portraying different varieties of orchids in different colours but with the same format and background colours.
"Orchid Delight", by Elena Parashko, oil on loose canvas, 41 x 49 cm, $950.


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