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Thank you for visiting my online gallery.
On this homepage I like to share the stages involved in the painting process of my latest artwork.
Visit again soon to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes progress of my next painting.

What I really like about my miniature beach paintings is that people can imagine themselves in the scene. I recently had a commission to paint a family of 7 - mum and dad, 2 daughters and 3 sons. The whole family got involved in deciding on the title of the painting, and what type and colour of swimming costume they wanted me to paint them in. This is the list pf requests I received. Knowing their ages helped in accurately painting the relative size of each figure.

I designed a composition that was well balanced and also told a story. I drew this plan on paper to show the family. They were happy with the layout so then it was time to paint.

I used a smooth MDF board 13 x 18 cm, primed it with gesso and then painted the background beach scene.

When the background was dry, I drew the figures and sailing boat on the board and then painted them using a very fine liner brush. Once the whole painting was dry, I sprayed it with gloss varnish. My clients were very happy with their commission.
            "Summer Time" by Elena Parashko, 13 x 18 cm.



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