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* In the November issue of Leisure Painter magazine, I show through a series of steps how to do a nautical painting from the deck of a tall ship. A lot of attention to detail with complex rigging and texture in canvas sails. 

* For the December issue of Leisure Painter I put together a step by step demonstration of how to paint a tranquil lake scene at dusk with ducks swimming in the foreground.

* The December issue of Australian Artist magazine features my article on the challenge of painting custom designed artwork for clients. This issue also has a special promotion for my book, "Survival Guide for Artists: How to Thrive in the Creative Arts". Three lucky readers will win a copy of this book.

* The January issue of Leisure Painter magazine contains a very interesting article that tracks the process involved in my recent painting project - a floor to ceiling mural of the cosmos inside an observatory. 

* In the February issue of Leisure Painter I present two mini demonstrations focussing on the techniques and colours used to paint a breaking wave and reflections in wet sand. Applicable for oils and acrylics.

* Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/elenaparashkogallery
Visit the Elena Parashko Gallery Etsy shop where you can purchase selected prints and greeting card gift packs featuring my artwork as well as step-by-step painting tutorials.

* Blog: Visit my Survival Guide for Artists blog where I share lots of helpful information for artists and other creative souls including a collection of my previously published magazine articles. 







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