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* Painting Parties: Add a fun and creative dimension to your next party or corporate team building event under Elena's expert instruction. Even total beginners can be guided step by step to create their own masterpiece.                See details ...

* In the August issue of the English magazine Leisure Painter, I demonstrate how to paint sailing boats on the sea using acrylic paints.

* With the August issue of Leisure Painter comes the third StartArt supplement for the year. In this issue, I conclude my miniseries on using acrylic paints by looking at how to use them to combine oil painting and watercolour techniques in the one painting. 

* The September issue of Leisure Painter magazine features my step by step demonstration of how to paint a pair of rainbox lorrikeets in watercolours.

* In the October issue of Leisure Painter magazine, I take readers through the process to paint a cute clown fish peeking out of an anemone. I used acrylics for this painting but my technique can also be used with oils.

* In the November issue of Leisure Painter magazine I demonstrate how to paint a dramatic breaking wave using oils or acrylics. A big and bold seascape.

* The December issue of Leisure Painter features an article about a commission I painted for clients of their two dogs. It demonstrates how to successfully do a pet portrait from a reference photograph. 

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Visit the Elena Parashko Gallery Etsy shop where you can purchase selected prints and greeting card gift packs featuring my artwork as well as step-by-step painting tutorials.

* Blog: Visit my Survival Guide for Artists blog where I share lots of helpful information for artists and other creative souls including a collection of my previously published magazine articles. 

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